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Dine In Menu



Garlic or Herb Bread $4.5

Zaatar Pizza (v) Combination of herbs, spices and toasted sesame seeds $10

Bruschetta (v) Tomato & Basil, Mixed Olives or Fetta Cheese $9

Soup from $14.5

Garlic Prawns Your choice of red or creamy white sauce Entrée: $16.5 Main: $21.5

Garlic Pizza (v) Reg: $17.5 Lrg: $20.5

Garlic Pizza with Cheese (v) Reg: $18.5 Lrg: $22.5



Garden Salad (gf, v) Sml: $12 Lrg: $14

Greek Salad (gf, v) Sml: $12 Lrg: $14

Rocket Salad (gf, v) topped with Pecan Nuts and shaved Parmesan $14.5

Warm Mediterranean Chicken Salad (gf) sprinkled with nuts $21

Warm Char-Grilled Vegetable Salad (gf, v) with Fetta & nuts $21

Warm Prawn Salad (gf) sprinkled with nuts $21



Dip Plate (v) Hommous, Babaganouj, Minted Yoghurt & Breads $20

Ben’s Special Mezza Plate for 2 Selection of appetizers to tantalise

your taste buds $34

Fattoush (v) Garden salad and crisp Lebanese bread tossed

with Roffy’s secret dressing $15.5

Tabbouli (v) Parsley, tomato, shallots, mint, crushed wheat, lemon

juice & olive oil $15.5

Hommous (gf, v) Chickpeas blended with tahini, lemon, garlic drizzled

with olive oil $15.5

Babaganouj (gf, v) Smoked eggplant blended with tahini, lemon &

garlic drizzled with olive oil $16.5

Falafel (gf, v) (4) Chickpeas and broad beans blended with herbs &

spices served with tahini sauce and homemade pickles $15.5

Vine Leaves (gf, v) (6) Grapevine leaves rolled with rice,

herbs and spices $15.5

Kibbi (3) Crushed wheat & lean lamb filled with mince and onion $15.5

Sumbousic (3) Homemade pastries filled with mince and onion $15.5

Cheese Sumbousic (v) (3) Short crust pastry filled with a blend

of four cheeses with herbs $15.5

Pumpkin Kibbi (v) (3) Pumpkin & crushed wheat shell filled with

spinach, chickpeas and caramelized onion $15.5

Spinach Triangles (v) (3) Soft pastry filled with spinach, onion,

tomato, sumac, and lemon juice $15.5

Kafta (gf) (3 skewers) Lean minced lamb, onion & parsley served

with hommous & tabbouli $23

Lamb Kebabs (3 skewers) Marinated & grilled lamb served with

minted yoghurt & tabbouli $26

Shish Tawook (3 skewers) Marinated chicken served with homemade

toum (garlic aioli) & tabbouli $26

Bud’s Special 1 Kafta, 1 Lamb, 1 Shish Tawook served with

hommous and tabbouli $26

Chicken Rice (gf) Traditionally spiced mince & rice topped w/ shredded

chicken, roasted almonds, pine nuts $24

Matt’s Special A hot and cold platter for 2 with a selection of

dips, mezza & grills $79



 Reg: $21 Lrg: $25

Hawaiian Ham, pineapple.

Margarita (v) Salsa, cheese.

Mushroom (v) Mushroom, salsa, cheese.

Napolitana Anchovies, olives.


Reg: $22 Lrg: $26

Capriciosa Ham, mushroom, olives.

Continental Prawns, mushroom, cabanossi, garlic.

Meat Lovers Cabanossi, ham, pepperoni, beef, bacon, BBQ sauce.

Mexicana Pepperoni, capsicum, onion, chilli.

Pepperoni Mild pepperoni, olives.

Potato Pizza (v) Potato, rosemary, olives.

Seafood Mixed seafood, garlic, parsley.

Supreme Ham, cabanossi, onion, capsicum, mushroom, pineapple, olives.

Vegetarian (v) Onion, mushroom, capsicum, olives, pineapple

Gluten Free Pizza Base - $3 extra



Reg: $23 Lrg: $27

BBQ Chicken Chicken breast, BBQ sauce, onion, mushroom.

Calzone Your choice of pizza filling enclosed and topped with salsa and cheese.

Chicken Delight Chicken breast, avocado, onion, capsicum, sweet chilli sauce.

Garlic Chilli Prawn Pizza Garlic chilli prawns with cherry tomatoes topped

with fresh roquette

Mediterranean Lamb Minced lamb, spanish onion, tomatoes, mixed

spices, parsley, red wine. Served with a side of yogurt.

Noi Due (v) Char-grilled eggplant, marinated artichoke, sundried

tomato, bocconcini, mushroom, olives.

Roquette Pizza Prosciutto, bocconcini, mushroom, olives, topped with fresh roquette


Per extra topping $1 · Per extra seafood topping $1.5

Add $1 for half-half pizzas



Beef Lasagne served with salad $24

Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet (gf) $25

Pan Fried Veal (gf) $26

served with a sauce & salad or vegetables

Mushroom Sauce: Mushroom in a creamy white sauce.

Mexicana Sauce: Red sauce with pepperoni, capsicum and onion.

Napolitana Sauce: A traditional tomato and basil sauce.

Boscaiola Sauce: Ham & mushroom in a creamy white sauce.

Parmigiana: Eggplant and melted cheese topped with napolitana sauce.

Chicken Schnitzel Served with salad or vegetables (with a sauce - $2 extra). $26

Veal Schnitzel Served with salad or vegetables (with a sauce - $2 extra). $27.5



Chicken & Mushroom (gf) $24   

Prawn (gf) $24   

Seafood (gf) $24   

Vegetarian (gf, v) $24



Spaghetti, Fettuccini, Penne or Gluten Free ($3.5 extra) served in a sauce of your choice

Arrabiata (v) Napolitana with chilli Entrée $17.5 Main $19.5

Bolognese Authentic homemade meat sauce Entrée $19.5 Main $21.5

Boscaiola Ham and mushroom in a cream sauce Entrée $19.5 Main $21.5

Carbonara Bacon, egg and parmesan in a cream sauce Entrée $19.5 Main $21.5

Curry Chicken Pasta Chicken breast in a curry rosa sauce Entrée $19.5 Main $21.5

Marinara Seafood, garlic and parsley in a red sauce Entrée $21.5 Main $24.5

Mexicana Pepperoni, capsicum, onion, chilli in a red sauce Entrée $19.5 Main $21.5

Napolitana (v) Traditional tomato and basil sauce Entrée $17.5 Main $19.5

Noi Due (v) Eggplant, artichoke, olive, mushroom in

red sauce Entrée Entrée $19.5 Main $21.5

Tuna Tuna chunks, onion and mushroom in rosa sauce Entrée $19.5 Main $21.5

Vegetarian Pasta (v) Grilled vegetables, sundried tomatoes, artichoke,

pesto & red sauce Entrée Entrée $19.5 Main $21.5

Tortellini with your choice of sauce Entrée $20.5 Main $22.5

Agnolotti (v) Pasta filled with ricotta in an olive & sundried

tomato rosa sauce Entrée $20.5 Main $22.5



Natural Spring Water / Soft Drink Cans (325mL) $4

Ginger Beer $5

Soft Drink Bottles $6

Iced Coffee / Iced Chocolate $5

San Pellegrino $6

Lemon Lime & Bitters $4

Affogato $6.5

Short Black / Macchiato $3

Cappuccino / Flat White / Latte / Long Black $3.5

Hot Chocolate $3.5

Pot of Tea $3.5



Chocoholic - Chocolate mud cake served with chocolate gelato and king island cream $7.5

Sticky Date Pudding served with vanilla bean gelato and butterscotch sauce $7.5

Warm Apple Pie served with vanilla bean gelato $7.5

Tiny Treasures - bite sized biscuit, turkish delight & baklava $4.5

Knefe - baked custard with pistachio & drizzled with an authentic rose water syrup $6.5

Nutella Pizza (medium) served with fresh strawberries, vanilla bean gelato and dusted with icing sugar $17

Giotto Gelato choice of vanilla bean, chocolate, hazelnut or lemon sorbet $5/scoop

Giotto Gelato Desserts (please refer to gelato menu) $7

Mini Gelato Cone $2



$2.5 Corkage per person

$1.5 Cakeage per person

gf – Gluten Free

v - Vegetarian

Additional menu items can be made gf


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